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Stuart McGill Method

If you are an athlete ready to take your skill set up to the next level, heal from an injury, or if you simply have an injury or pain that needs relief we offer physiotherapy services with the best methods available. At Long Island Chiropractic & Physical Therapy, PLLC we don’t rest on our laurels, so to speak. We update our knowledge with training and education as the science of our medical field expands. Right now we offer the Stuart McGill Method to reduce back pain, by looking at the cause in a whole new light. This proven method offers great relief to people who have previously felt that their pain was here to stay. We serve Smithtown and the surrounding areas with quality chiropractic care.

What is the Stuart McGill Method?

Dr. Stuart M McGill has dedicated himself to studying the exact science of rehabilitation and the causes of back pain from the inside out. Professionals across the globe from professional and famed athletes to medical groups and medical scholars seek his expertise and refer to his methods for rehabilitation and full healing with physiotherapy. Our staff has studied his methodology and is prepared to apply what they have learned for you.

We start with the mechanisms of back pain and the final goal of his method is not only to free the patient of pain, but it is also to enhance injury resilience and performance in the future. What sets Stuart McGill apart is his dedication to research. People look to him because they know that he has dedicated his life to research in the field. One of the key factors during that first visit is a comprehensive exam that takes a bit longer than the exam at the beginning of other methodologies. His method includes teaching the patient certain movement techniques they can use themselves once they are healed from their current injuries. He has proven himself over decades and many bodybuilders, strength trainers, and sports professionals credit his hands or expertise with the reason they did not have to stop their sport after a particular injury. In fact, many people claim to be better skilled in their sport after an injury that brought them, due to the Stuart McGill Method

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To find out more about the Stuart McGill method and to start on your path to recovery and improved health and vitality call us at Long Island Chiropractic & Physical Therapy, PLLC (631)-724-1991. We serve Smithtown and the surrounding areas with the best in chiropractic treatment.

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