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TRP Injection

When muscle group flares up and won’t relax, it can do so at times in a particular location versus the entire stretch or formation of the muscle tissue. As such cramping or spasming occurs, it develops what is known as a trigger point, a concentration of pain sensations and sensitivity. That in turn can limit mobility and function. To address acute trigger point cases, trigger point injection or TRP can be applied in patients where it is determined to be medically appropriate. TRP does not solve the root cause of the trigger point, but it may temporarily alleviate the pain symptoms such as those that come with fibromyalgia, myofascial pain and even tension-related binding or cramping. We at Long Island Chiropractic & Physical Therapy, PLLC, serving Smithtown, NY, and West Islip, NY, know a lot about TRP injections.

Cases where TRP Is Applied

TRP treatment is not used immediately in the case of an individual muscle spasm or similar. A patient must be in a verified chronic pain condition that has lasted through weeks and months, has been treated with other methods to induce relaxation which have failed, and a medical professional has verified the muscle group is not relaxing and operating as it should. This includes utilizing other chiropractic methods first, such as medical massage, stretching and guided motion.

Treatment Process

TRP is provided by a licensed doctor via an injection. The patient is either sitting or lying flat when the injection is applied to the target location by the physician. The injection is then inserted, introducing a combination of steroids and anesthetics. It’s possible for a patient to receive more than one injection in the same visit to apply TPI correctly. However, the entire process only takes a few minutes’ time at most.

The frequency of TRP injections applications generally tends to be minimal. Many patients may receive relief after one treatment, which then allows the body to relax and recover. Once that occurs, the pain source tends to resolve itself. However, with inherent chronic conditions, repeat treatments may then be applied on a monthly schedule. Each patient’s needs and case review is different.

Get Help Managing Pain in Smithtown and West Islip NY with a Chiropractor on Our Team

Again, TRP injections do not permanently resolve the cause of chronic pain, but it may be a very effective treatment in pain management. If you’re in the Smithtown, NY, or West Islip, NY, area and needing relief to help recover, we at Long Island Chiropractic & Physical Therapy, PLLC can help. Our team provides a professional chiropractic approach to pain management with TRP as well as other methods of pain relief and solutioning for recovery. Call us at (631) 724-1991 (Smithtown) or (631) 661-1400 (West Islip) to schedule an appointment with a chiropractor from at our practice.

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