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Auto Accident Injury

For some people, being in a car accident is among the most traumatic experiences of their life, and in the worst cases, it can be life changing. But car accidents are relatively common. On average, each person is expected to be involved in four car accidents within their lifetime. Most of these are of the “fender bender” variety, but they are also the types of accidents that require a more extensive medical care. If your auto accident injury isn’t severe, Long Island Chiropractic & Physical Therapy in Smithtown, NY may be exactly where you need to be.

Assessing Your Injuries As Soon As Possible

In the aftermath of your accident, you’ll have to talk to the police and make a general report of what happened. Your insurance company will likely have questions about whether or not you are okay, but most of the time you really aren’t in a position to answer that question, especially if you think the answer is yes. Delayed injuries are actually quite common when it comes to an auto accident injury. The injured party may think they are fine, but this is largely due to the adrenaline they are experiencing, simply because they are alive. Often over the next few days, they start to feel pain or stiffness in their neck or lower back, their shoulders or may find themselves experiencing headaches that they haven’t had before. In order to have the best claim possible, it is important that your injuries are medically verified as soon as possible, and at Long Island Chiropractic & Physical Therapy we are expert diagnosticians that can not only identify injuries before you even feel them, but we can tie those injuries to your accident and help you start down the road to recovery.

Injuries Commonly Treated By a Chiropractor


Perhaps the most common auto accident injury our chiropractor sees is whiplash. Whiplash is caused by a sudden force that propels the head forward and back again, very quickly. Whiplash symptoms include stiffness in the neck, neck pain, range of motion issues, as well as headaches. Some may also experience low back pain and can experience dizziness and problems with their vision.

Disc and Nerve Problems

When the soft inner part of a spinal disc breaks free from a harder exterior, there can be nerve pain throughout the body. A chiropractor can look at various diagnostic tests to find where problems exist and through adjustments and other treatment; they can tie the accident to these injuries and discuss available treatment options. 

Schedule a Massage Therapy Session with Our Chiropractor in Smithtown and West Islip, NY

At Long Island Chiropractic & Physical Therapy in Smithtown, NY, we are dedicated to helping you deal with the aftermath of a car accident beyond the immediate relief of pain. We also work with you on exercises that will help restore your mobility and give you the best chance a long term recovery. The process starts by filling out our personal injury form that will help keep a strong record of the accident for insurance purposes. From there, we’ll assess you and discuss what you are looking at for your recovery. TO learn more, or to schedule an assessment contact us at Long Island Chiropractic & Physical Therapy in Smithtown, NY at (631) 724-1991.   

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